Tigranian / Ayrapetyan

Tigranian / Ayrapetyan: Armenian Folkdances / Mugam Arrangements

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Product Type: CD

Title: Armenian Folkdances / Mugam Arrangements
Label: Grand Piano

Nikoghayos Tigranian belongs to the first generation of composers and folk song collectors who laid the foundation of an Armenian national style. Tigranian's piano transcriptions of folk dances is perhaps his most important legacy, emulating folk instruments and capturing and preserving colorful depictions of Armenian folk life that are simple in texture and rich with harmonic and melodic detail. His interest also extended to Persian improvisational vocal-instrumental poems or mugams; expressive pieces that influenced contemporaries and subsequent generations of composers. Mikael Ayrapetyan is a pianist composer and producer. He is also the founder and artistic director of the music project Secrets of Armenia, which aims to increase international awareness of Armenian classical music, and actively organizes concerts featuring Armenian music in venues around the world.

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