Tim Barry

Tim Barry: The Roads To Richmond

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tim Barry

Artist: Tim Barry
Title: The Roads To Richmond

Another chapter in the life of the prolific storyteller and songwriter, Tim Barry.This instalment offers further insights into life at home and on the road, and even features a song written by his daughter and another about his other daughter.Tim performed onstage with the Richmond Symphony following his last release,one never knows what he will get into next.

1.1 Big Ships
1.2 Oklahoma City
1.3 Giving Up
1.4 Bent Creek
1.5 Raised and Grown
1.6 Fussin' Over Fate
1.7 April's Fool
1.8 Oh My Darling
1.9 Birmingham
1.10 Boxwine ; Xanax
1.11 Coralee

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