Tim Friese-Greene: 10 Sketches for Piano Trio

Tim Friese-Greene: 10 Sketches for Piano Trio
Title: 10 Sketches for Piano Trio
Label: LTM

2009 release, the fourth solo release from Tim Friese-Greene. Since leaving the ambit of Talk Talk in 1992, Tim has recorded two albums as Heligoland, but 10 Sketches for Piano Trio is the first to be released under his own name. It didn't seem right for it to be a Heligoland album, he explains. It is too singular. And so it is. Because the classic featured line-up of drums, acoustic bass and piano is largely familiar to the ear, we might assume the instruments will take up roles normally associated with Jazz. But here the playing and attitude subverts this expectation, and delivers something more primitive on a technical level, more rigorous on a formal level, and something more pared-down harmonically. Halfway, the listener begins to pick up on the disparate influences, from Tim's early experience engineering Sex Pistols sessions, to later experiments in ambient minimalism with Talk Talk, including the seminal albums Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock.

1.1 Sketch 01
1.2 Sketch 02
1.3 Sketch 03
1.4 Sketch 04
1.5 Sketch 05
1.6 Sketch 06
1.7 Sketch 07
1.8 Sketch 08
1.9 Sketch 09
1.10 Sketch 10
1.11 [Untitled]
1.12 [Untitled]
1.13 [Untitled]
1.14 [Untitled]
1.15 [Untitled]
1.16 [Untitled]
1.17 [Untitled]
1.18 [Untitled]
1.19 [Untitled]
1.20 [Untitled]
1.21 [Untitled]
1.22 [Untitled]
1.23 [Untitled]
1.24 [Untitled]
1.25 [Untitled]
1.26 [Untitled]
1.27 [Untitled]
1.28 [Untitled]
1.29 [Untitled]
1.30 [Untitled]

Tim Friese-Greene: 10 Sketches for Piano Trio

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