Timboletti: Lindholz

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Artist: Timboletti

Artist: Timboletti
Title: Lindholz
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Timboletti's Lindholz EP opens with "Murrakus" and "Wüstenlauf," which evoke mysterious scenes from an oriental bazaar and incite a pleasant restlessness in the listener. The deep yet uplifting "Makrovic" is invaded by tripped-out samples, reminiscent of radio transmissions from some odd parallel dimension. "Bar fuss Bravo" sounds just as alien and is just as compelling, as delirious melodies and delay cascades unfold upon tight, driving rhythm sections. Mollono. Bass's remix is a stardust fantasy flying high upon a standing bassline. In contrast, Caterkarlos shifts down a gear and reflects on the multidimensional anatomy of "Bar fuss Bravo" with a smooth down beat version.

1.1 Murrakus
1.2 Wuestenlauf
1.3 Makrovic
2.1 Barfuss Bravo
2.2 Barfuss Bravo (Mollono. Bass Remix)
2.3 Barfuss Bravo (Caterkarlos Remix)

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