Time Again

Time Again: Darker Days

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Time Again

Artist: Time Again
Title: Darker Days

Since 2004, Time Again have taken their distinctive brand of adrenaline fueled street punk from the club scene in their LA hometown to sold-out venues all over the US and Canada, as well as to festival stages in Europe. DARKER DAYS written backstage, in cheap hotel rooms, and in their tour van, is filled with emotional suspense and angst, driven by singer Daniel Dart's words of despair and regret.

1.1 Day Like This
1.2 Soon It Will Be
1.3 One Way or Another
1.4 Lines Are Faded
1.5 Darker Days
1.6 Lucky
1.7 Montreal (Street Kids)
1.8 Lookin' Back
1.9 Movin' on
1.10 You're Goin' Down
1.11 TV Static
1.12 Shell Casings
1.13 Gonna Get Mine
1.14 Outcast

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