Tino: Tino's Breaks, Vol.3

Tino: Tino&
Title: Tino's Breaks, Vol.3
Label: Tino Corp
Product Type: VINYL LP

We here at Tinocorp believe that this is the first and only record of it's kind. It is a record that every DJ should have, whether it is the holiday season or not. Side A is the music. Four songs take us on a sonic journey through the 20th Century, including the first recorded Jazz drum break from an old cylinder record. Inspired by the rich Hip-Hop tradition of using sleigh bells for percussion, Tino has woven all of the songs around these jingling bells. There are also radio broadcasts from Hawaii on Christmas Eve and a yodeling version of 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town.' Jack Dangers has produced one of his finest creations yet. Side B is an entire side of scratch tracks. This 20 minutes of sounds is not just a tool for DJs but is an incredible catalogue of sounds of the last century. Check out the demo to hear more.. Initial pressing released Sept. '99 on green vinyl. Holiday 2000: Tino's Christmas Breaks re-issues on shiny red vinyl. Release date: November 7th.

1.1 Christmas Is Here
1.2 It's Christmas Time
1.3 Green Christmas
1.4 Christmas in Hawaii
1.5 Intro
1.6 Scream Whips Baby
1.7 Crickets Liquid Splode Whistle
1.8 Electro Alarm BZZZ
1.9 Whistle Space
1.10 Electro Tweeks
1.11 Hard Drugs
1.12 Freaks
1.13 Short Bits
1.14 Sniff
1.15 Computers/Space
1.16 Hypnosis
1.17 White House
1.18 Intelligent Life
1.19 Music
1.20 Greed
1.21 No Smack No Downs
1.22 Talking
1.23 Tonal Atonal
1.24 CB Talk/Blues
1.25 Radio/Etc./BZZZ2
1.26 Dense Hits
1.27 Dense Bits/Christmas Outro

Tino: Tino's Breaks, Vol.3

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