Tiny Ruins

Tiny Ruins: Some Were Meant for Sea

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Artist: Tiny Ruins

Artist: Tiny Ruins
Title: Some Were Meant for Sea

Some Were Meant for Sea CD (WOOME 009 CD). RELEASE DATE: 11/22/2011 Tiny Ruins is the musical namesake of Hollie Fullbrook. After being raised in Bristol and then attending University in Wellington, NZ, Some Were Meant for Sea is Hollie's debut release. Both vocally and instrumentally, Some Were Meant for Sea exists in dappled warmness: Fullbrook's striking vocal timbre conjuring a natural imagery born from earth and sea. Recorded in a diminutive hall, once the local school of South Gippsland (Victoria), Fullbrook worked with producer J Walker (Holly Throsby, Machine Translations) and between the pair, some cello, violin, piano and accordion were added to the otherwise bare-boned songs, which were all recorded entirely live. So striking are Fullbrook's own live performances, that she was asked to be a special guest to Joanna Newsom, Beach House, Ólöf Arnold's and the Middle East across Australia and New Zealand.

1.1 Old As the Hills
1.2 Priest with Balloons
1.3 You've Got the Kind of Nerve I Like
1.4 Death of a Russian
1.5 Adelphi Apartments
1.6 Little Notes
1.7 Cat in the Hallway
1.8 Running Through the Night
1.9 Just Desserts
1.10 Pigeon Knows
1.11 Bird in the Thyme

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