Tom McRae: Alphabet of Hurricanes

Tom McRae: Alphabet of Hurricanes
Title: Alphabet of Hurricanes
Label: Cooking Vinyl

2010 release, the fifth album from the British singer/songwriter. The Alphabet of Hurricanes, an album in two parts, is McRae's most ambitious album to date, recorded over three years in studios, hotel rooms, and backstage both in the U.S. and UK. Having set up his own studio, Gunpoint, in east London, McRae has been taken charge of the production once again, with his haunting melodies and poetic lyrics given a new sonic palette in an eclectic selection of powerful songs. Cooking Vinyl.

1.1 Still Love You
1.2 A Is for
1.3 Won't Lie
1.4 Summer of John Wayne
1.5 Told My Troubles to the River
1.6 American Spirit
1.7 Please
1.8 Out of the Walls
1.9 Me ; Stetson
1.10 Can't Find You
1.11 Best Winter
1.12 Fifteen Miles Downriver

Tom McRae: Alphabet of Hurricanes

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