Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan: On Deck and Below: The Irish at Sea

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tom Sullivan

Title: On Deck and Below: The Irish at Sea
Label: Folkways Records

Tom Sullivan's 1979 album On Deck and Below: The Irish at Sea: Music of the Western Ocean Packet, provides the listener with an authentic reconstruction of the chanties, forecastle songs (songs performed on the upper deck), and dance tunes once performed by Irish immigrant sailors of New York and Liverpool. Sullivan's liner notes explain the associations of specific song-types with different nautical tasks and also provide the origin of each track and complete song lyrics.

1.1 Gurgling of the Churn - Gliogar An Mheadair / Humours of Whiskey (Plearaca An Fuisce) - (Medley)
1.2 Gals of Dublin Town
1.3 The Reconciliation
1.4 Turpine Hero / Virgin Pullets / Bold Deserter / Rising Sun / E'iri Na Greine (Medley)
1.5 Whiskey Johnny
1.6 The Battle
1.7 Haul Away Joe
1.8 Homeward Bound / the Old Slipper Shoe (An Seanbhroigin Bhog) - (Medley)
1.9 The High Jig - An Port Ard
1.10 Lark in the Morning / Irish Washerwoman / Irish Washer Woman (Medley)
1.11 Jamboree
1.12 Dan the Cobbler
1.13 Old French - Cronin's Fancy Reel
1.14 Planxty Nancy McDermott
1.15 Blind Mary
1.16 Through the Keyhole in the Door
1.17 Gold Watch
1.18 Molly Hare
1.19 Pleasures of Hope / Back of the Haggard (Medley)
1.20 Battle of Augrim
1.21 Dreadnaught
1.22 Basket of Turf / Streets of Dublin (Medley)
1.23 Jackson's Morning Brush
1.24 Scotty's Favorite
1.25 Farewell to Ireland

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