Tom the Lion

Tom the Lion: Sleep

$29.23 $33.99
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Tom the Lion

Title: Sleep
Label: Wrasse Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Tom the Lion is an enigma. Unafraid to experiment, yet with a gift for classic song writing, he might just prove to be one of the UK's singular songwriters, in a lineage of the greats from Nick Drake to Mark Hollis to Thom Yorke.

1.1 Sleep
1.2 Motorcade
1.3 Silent Partner
1.4 Oil Man
1.5 Beholden
1.6 November's Beach
1.7 Every Single Moment
1.8 Winter's Wool
1.9 Our Beloved Past
1.10 Ragdoll
1.11 Heal
1.12 Come to Life

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