Tommy Womack

Tommy Womack: Namaste

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tommy Womack

Title: Namaste
Label: Tommy Womack

As only the best singer-songwriters can, Tommy Womack has always managed to navigate us through his world with a deft balance of humor and pathos, snarky cynicism and occasionally, sweet, unabashed optimism.

1.1 Angel
1.2 Comb-Over Blues
1.3 End of the Line
1.4 It's Been All Over
1.5 Before
1.6 Darling Let Your Free Bird Fly
1.7 God Part III (Explicit)
1.8 I Almost Died (Explicit)
1.9 When Country Singers Were Ugly
1.10 Nashville
1.11 Hot Flash Woman
1.12 It's a Beautiful Morning

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