Tomoko Omura

Tomoko Omura: Branches Vol. 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tomoko Omura

Title: Branches Vol. 1
Label: Outside in Music

After 2014's "Roots", "Branches" reconvenes Tomoko Omura's quintet for an album of music inspired by Japanese folktales and popular melodies. To be released over two volumes, volume one features an arrangement of the haiku based "Moonlight in Vermont", the Japanese popular song "Kono Michi", and three originals that narrate the stories of three familiar Japanese folktales.

1.1 Moonlight in Vermont
1.2 Three Magic Charms
1.3 Revenge of the Rabbit
1.4 Return to the Moon - Intro
1.5 Return to the Moon
1.6 Konomichi

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