Tomorrow's Eve: Mirror Of Creation III - Project IKAROS

Title: Mirror Of Creation III - Project IKAROS
Label: Dr. Music

2018 release. Titled Mirror Of Creation III - Project Ikaros, the German Progressive Metal institution Tomorrow's Eve are starting their comeback with their already fifth studio album, which could not be more majestic, varied and bombastic. An extravagant musical journey of a special kind not only awaits fans of powerful driven forward Progressive Metal, but also fans of orchestral epics, which are refined by chaotic aggressive keyboards, but never neglect the melodies. The Mirror Of Creation provides complex song structures that demand the listener, but alternate recursively with catchy choruses and shallow sounds. The dramas of past and perhaps future human history are presented so emotionally and challenging that goose bumps are guaranteed, when the band, consisting of singer Martin LeMar (Mekong Delta, Lalu, Nachtgeschrei), both founding members of Tomorrow's Eve, guitarist Rainer Grund and keyboard player Oliver Schwickert as well as bass legend Mike LePond (Symphony X, Ross The Boss) and drummer John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen, Labyrinth, Ark, TNT), will enter the next distinctive dimension of their work. Mirror Of Creation III - Project Ikaros shows the band on the peak of it's creativity so far.

1.1 Welcome to the Show
1.2 Morpheus
1.3 Bread and Circuses
1.4 Imago
1.5 The System
1.6 Law and Order
1.7 Dream Within a Dream
1.8 Terminal
1.9 Inner Sanctum
1.10 Somnium Ex Machina
1.11 Gods Among Each Other

Tomorrow's Eve: Mirror Of Creation III - Project IKAROS

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