Tones and I

Tones and I: Welcome To The Madhouse

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tones and I

Title: Welcome To The Madhouse
Label: Elektra / WEA

2021 release from global superstar Tones and I. Welcome To The Madhouse stands out as a deeply reflective and personal body of work for Tones and I, with the Australian artist writing the entire album by herself and co-producing every song.

1.1 Welcome to the Madhouse
1.2 Lonely
1.3 Won't Sleep
1.4 Westside Lobby
1.5 Fly Away
1.6 Sad Songs
1.7 Just a Mess
1.8 Child's Play
1.9 Not Going Home
1.10 Dark Waters
1.11 Cloudy Day
1.12 You Don't Know My Name
1.13 Fall Apart
1.14 Bars (Rip T)

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