Tonk: Sister Switchblade

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tonk

Title: Sister Switchblade
Label: Sony BMG

Tonk's debut album "sister switchblade" was recorded in late 2006 in various studios with renowned aria nominated Australian producer Phil McKellar (Grinspoon, Silverchair, Frenzal rhomb, butterfly effect, hoodoo gurus, etc.). The album was tracked with the instruments live with the band trying to capture the 'vibe' of a gig with the overdubbing of vocals at a later stage. In keeping with the 'live vibe' no auto tune etc. Was used. The first single "Redback" gives a true indication of canberra based the band's attitude firmly putting forward their classic rock intentions. Tonk's music crosses the boundaries of age demographic with their crowd ages ranging from the young to the young at heart due in part to the current popularity of bands like wolfmother opening up the genre to a much wider audience.

1.1 1. Redback
1.2 2. Menage a Trois
1.3 3. Golden Girl
1.4 4. Libertine
1.5 5. Sister Switchblade
1.6 6. Needle in the Red
1.7 7. Predator
1.8 8. Looze Yer Load
1.9 9. Stay
1.10 10. Stick with My Bloodsick 'N' Depraved

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