Tony Allen & Africa 70

Tony Allen & Africa 70: Jealousy (disco Afro Reedits Series 3)

$14.74 $17.98

Artist: Tony Allen & Africa 70
Title: Jealousy (disco Afro Reedits Series 3)
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

The third release of the Tony Allen & Africa 70 Disco Afro series: featuring remastered original versions of "Jealousy" and remixes produced by Loya (Reunion Island). Multi-instrumentalist Sébastien Lejeune discovered electronic music when he was living in mainland France. During a trip back to his homeland Sébastien became Loya. From that moment on, he started to mix réunion maloya, Mauritian séga, and Indian music with a footwork tempo. In 1975, Tony Allen recorded his debut album Jealousy which, according to many, is the highlight of his four solo albums, featuring two Afro-beat gems "Jealousy" and "Hustler".

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