Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett: Singles Collection 1951-62

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Artist: Tony Bennett

Artist: Tony Bennett
Title: Singles Collection 1951-62

Tony Bennett ranks among the most popular, successful and highly-respected popular vocalists of the last half-century and more, so much so that a full sixty years after his chart debut in 1951, his credibility among the contemporary pop audience was such that he achieved his 70th chart hit in 2011 with a duet with Lady Ga-Ga. He was one of the many successful crooners of the post-war era to come from the diaspora of Italian immigrant families in the north-western states of the USA, and build a career first as a hit singles artist, and then a major album seller, before achieving appreciation among music fans who weren't born when he made his chart debut. With an apparently effortless ability to deliver a song exactly as it feels it should be done, and a relaxed and assured demeanour, he is one of the peerless performers in popular music. This great-value 78-track 3-CD set comprises a substantial proportion of the A & B sides of the sixty or so singles he released during the first decade and more of his career, with at least one side of most releases included, and naturally features all the 38 US and UK chart hits which he enjoyed during that period, including his signature song I Left My Heart In San Francisco plus the classic No. 1s Because Of You, Cold Cold Heart, Rags To Riches & Stranger In Paradise. It's a hugely entertaining insight into the early career of a unique talent

1.1 Don't Cry Baby
1.2 One Lie Leads to Another
1.3 I Can't Give You Anything But Love
1.4 Beautiful Madness
1.5 Because of You
1.6 I Won't Cry Anymore
1.7 While We're Young
1.8 Cold Cold Heart
1.9 Solitaire
1.10 Blue Velvet
1.11 Since My Love Has Gone
1.12 Somewhere Along the Way
1.13 Here in My Heart
1.14 I'm Lost Again
1.15 Have a Good Time
1.16 Please My Love
1.17 You Could Make Me Smile Again
1.18 Roses of Yesterday
1.19 Boulevard of Broken Dreams
1.20 Once There Lived a Fool
1.21 Stay Where You Are
1.22 Anywhere I Wander
1.23 Congratulations to Someone
1.24 Take Me
1.25 No One Will Ever Know
1.26 I'm the King of Broken Hearts
2.1 I'll Go
2.2 Here Comes That Heartache Again
2.3 Rags to Riches
2.4 Why Does It Have to Be Me
2.5 Stranger in Paradise
2.6 There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
2.7 My Heart Won't Say Goodbye
2.8 Please Driver Once Around the Park Again
2.9 Until Yesterday
2.10 Cinnamon Sinner
2.11 Take Me Back Again
2.12 Not As a Stranger
2.13 Funny Thing
2.14 Close Your Eyes
2.15 What Will I Tell My Heart?
2.16 Don't Tell Me Why
2.17 May I Never Love Again
2.18 How Can I Replace You
2.19 Afraid of the Dark
2.20 Come Next Spring
2.21 Sing You Sinners
2.22 Capri in May
2.23 Can You Find It in Your Heart
2.24 From the Candy Store on the Corner to the Chapel
2.25 Happiness Street
3.1 Just in Time
3.2 Autumn Waltz
3.3 Sold to the Man with the Broken Heart
3.4 One for My Baby
3.5 In the Middle of An Island
3.6 I Am
3.7 Ca C'est L'amour
3.8 Love Song from Beauty and the Beast
3.9 Beat of My Heart
3.10 Young and Warm and Wonderful
3.11 Firefly
3.12 Love Look Away
3.13 It's So Peaceful in the Country
3.14 Smile
3.15 Climb Ev'ry Mountain
3.16 Ask Anyone in Love
3.17 I'll Bring You a Rainbow
3.18 Put on a Happy Face
3.19 Till
3.20 Marriage-Go-Round
3.21 Ramona
3.22 The Best Is Yet to Come
3.23 Tender Is the Night
3.24 I Left My Heart in San Francisco
3.25 Once Upon a Time
3.26 Candy Kisses
3.27 I Wanna Be Around

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