Tony Reed: The Lost Chronicles Of Heavy Rock - Volume 1

Tony Reed: The Lost Chronicles Of Heavy Rock - Volume 1
Title: The Lost Chronicles Of Heavy Rock - Volume 1
Label: Listenable Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Tony Reed is MOS GENERATOR 's mastermind and main songwriter. MOS GENERATOR have delivered some of the finest heavy rock since 2002 and have also just released their brand new studio album "Shadowlands". As an extremely prolific songwriter, Tony Reed has written hundreds of songs for all his past projects including MOS GENERATOR, and in various music genres from stoner rock, hard rock, doom metal, progressive rock and even hardcore punk as well. Over a period of four years, the man has recorded a series of cover songs from the 70s era and the result is nothing but outstanding in terms of delivery and production.Aside from the extraordinary performance (Tony Reed also plays ALL instruments), It really sounds genuinely passionate. Tony Reed comments on the process of doing covers of those 70s gems : « When I get a song stuck in my head it usually doesn't go away until I cover it. With these songs I tried to be true to the original in playing and production style. It's an exercise in recording and playing skills and a real challenge. Many of these songs have been with me through my life and some have just been introduced to me by other fans of underground rock of the 1970's. There are, of course, many other songs that I could have done or added to this but I have chosen these because they moved me in some way. Also, this is called "Vol. 1" for a reason.. I would like to thank Henry Vasquez of SAINT VITUS for bringing much of this music to my attention over the years. " Throughout those 16 tracks, Those "Lost Chronicles of Heavy Rock Volume 1" are an exciting celebration of some of the most obscure material and also of some underground hits from an artistically vibrant past sounding so relevant today still.

1.1 Battle (Boomerang '72) 4:12
1.2 Ain't No Lovin' Left (Fanny Adams '72) 06:09
1.3 Fifteen (Highway Robbery '72) 03:01
1.4 Queen of Torture (Wishbone Ash '70) 03:21
1.5 Nobody Else (Atomic Rooster '70) 04:45
1.6 Garden Road (Rush '74) 02:56
1.7 Still Born Beauty (Necromandus '73) 04:04
1.8 Forever My Queen (Pentagram '73) 02:20
1.9 Dier Not a Lover (Bloodrock '70) 04:09
1.10 Court of the Crimson King (King Crimson '69) 07:03

Tony Reed: The Lost Chronicles Of Heavy Rock - Volume 1

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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