Too Short

Too Short: Hella Disrespectful: Bay Area Mixtape

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Artist: Too Short

Artist: Too Short
Title: Hella Disrespectful: Bay Area Mixtape

Too $hort is a legendary rapper, hailing from Oakalnd, CA he is one of the founding fathers of Bay Area Rap. This album serves as amixtape to reintroduce Too $hort back in the Bay before his next official release, The Pimp Tape. The project features the likes of E-40, G-Eazy, Mozzy, Nef The Pharoah, Mistah F.A.B., J. Stalin, Ezale, and many more.

1.1 I Just Wanna - Too $Hort ; Mistah F.A.B
1.2 Very Important Pimpin - Too $Hort, Philthy Rich, J. Stalin, U.F.O., Decadez
1.3 Lotta Hatin - Too $Hort ; Mistah F.A.B
1.4 Sidepieces - Too $Hort, G-Eazy, Ezale
1.5 Save All That Love - Too $Hort, Mozzy, Nef the Pharaoh, Mistah F.A.B
1.6 Get Yo Friends - Dni Mike, Llama Llama, Chris Lockett, Zyah Belle
1.7 Jumpen - Radio Base
1.8 I'll Neva - DJ Upgrade
1.9 R N S - Dem Hoodstars
1.10 No Passes Too $Hort, Mistah F.A.B., Killa Fresh
1.11 Punk Hoe - Too $Hort, Lil Yee, Prezzi, Oke JR
1.12 My Bitch Zyah Belle, Boo from Da 4, Uc Kayla, Lala
1.13 My Hype Too $Hort, Rayven Justice, DJ Upgrade
1.14 Talk Shit - Iamsu!, Mistah F.A.B., VT
1.15 L.O.L. - Reg Black
1.16 Look Out - Too $Hort ; E-40)
1.17 Dub Nation - Too $Hort
1.18 On God - Mistah F.A.B., Young Gully, Lil Yase
1.19 Long Time - All Black, Cash Click Boog, Rock and Roll
1.20 Violent - Mistah F.A.B
1.21 Hella Disrespectful - DJ Upgrade, Big Money Gang, DB Tha General
1.22 Outro - Too $Hort

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