Tool: Lateralus

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Tool

Artist: Tool
Title: Lateralus
Product Type: VINYL LP

Fifty-one months after Lateralus' original release in CD format, Tool is ready to release a double vinyl four-picture disc edition of Lateralus. Each side contains a different picture and is packaged in a plastic gatefold with a holographic foil. Sony. 2005.

1.1 The Grudge
1.2 Eon Blue Apocalypse
1.3 The Patient
1.4 Mantra
1.5 Schism
1.6 Parabol
1.7 Parabola
1.8 Ticks ; Leeches
1.9 Lateralis
1.10 Disposition
1.11 Reflection
1.12 Triad
1.13 Faaip de Oiad

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