Tops: Picture You Staring

Tops: Picture You Staring
Title: Picture You Staring
Label: Arbutus Records

Tops are a four-piece band from Montreal, equal parts girls and guys, delivering a raw punk take on AM studio pop. Their new record, Picture You Staring, is a lush array of timelessly crafted songs. Singer Jane Penny gives a new voice to the silent girl at the edge of the circle, disillusioned but honest and unpretentious, a tone complemented by David Carriere's seamless guitar playing and the measured drumming of Riley Fleck. Tops' subtle arrangements are delivered with a cool restraint that blend with the individuality and self-assured desire of their female lead. Picture You Staring gathers strength through intimacy. Self-written, recorded and produced at Arbutus Records' studio in Montreal over the course of a year, this album contains 12 impeccable examples of pop craftsmanship that will reward repeat listeners.

1.1 Way to Be Loved
1.2 Blind Faze
1.3 Circle the Dark
1.4 Outside
1.5 All the People Sleep
1.6 Sleeptalker
1.7 Superstition Future
1.8 2 Shy
1.9 Change of Heart
1.10 Easier Said
1.11 Driverless Passenger
1.12 Destination

Tops: Picture You Staring

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