Toquinho: Toquinho

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Artist: Toquinho

Artist: Toquinho
Title: Toquinho
Product Type: VINYL LP

All-time classic Brazilian album, featuring Jorge Ben on 'Que Maravilha', 'Zana' and 'Carolina Carol Bela' as sampled by DJ Marky on 'LK'. Brazilian guitarist and singer Toquinho (real name Antônio Pecci Filho) was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the 1940's. His first major hit single was 'Que Maravilha', as featured here, that he wrote with Jorge Ben. This album also features 'Zana' and the ultra-famous 'Carolina Carol Bela', also written with Ben. Toquinho had a prolific career releasing a huge number of albums and writing on even more. He released many records with Vinicius de Moraes during the 70's. 'Carolina Carol Bela' was sampled by DJ Marky on his drum n bass hit 'LK' - the track that launched the sound of Brazilian drum n bass outside of Brazil. Official Mr Bongo reissue. Licensed from Som Livre.

1.1 Na Água Negra Da Lagoa
1.2 La Barca
1.3 Tocando PRÁ Silvinha
1.4 Chuva Na Praia de Juquí
1.5 Que Maravilha
1.6 Zana
1.7 Bachianinha
1.8 De Ontem PRÁ Hoje
1.9 Dobrando a Esquina
1.10 Carolina Carol Bela
1.11 Evocação À Jacob

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