Toto: 40 Tours Around The Sun

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Artist: Toto

Artist: Toto
Title: 40 Tours Around The Sun
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited triple colored vinyl LP pressing. Toto's 40 year celebration brings them to Amsterdam, where they thrill the crowd with a selection of classics, new songs and rarely played deep cuts. The set bridges those 40 years right at the open, with their newest rocker "Alone" opening the set, leading right into the instantly familiar piano and guitar intro of "Hold The Line" from their 1978 debut. Deep cuts, including "Lion", "Lea" and "Dune (Desert Theme)" are included, along with their classics "Africa" and "Rosanna".

1.1 Intro Tape [Live]
1.2 Alone [Live]
1.3 Hold the Line [Live]
1.4 Lovers in the Night [Live]
1.5 Spanish Sea [Live]
2.1 I Will Remember [Live]
2.2 English Eyes [Live]
2.3 Jake to the Bone [Live]
3.1 Lea [Live]
3.2 Rosanna [Live]
3.3 Miss Sun [Live]
3.4 Georgy Porgy [Live]
4.1 Human Nature [Live]
4.2 Holyanna [Live]
4.3 No Love [Live]
4.4 Mushanga [Live]
4.5 Stop Loving You [Live]
4.6 Girl Goodbye [Live]
5.1 Angela [Live]
5.2 Lion [Live]
5.3 Dune (Desert Theme) [Live]
5.4 While My Guitar Gently Weeps [Live]
6.1 Stranger in Town [Live]
6.2 Make Believe [Live]
6.3 Africa [Live]
6.4 The Road Goes on [Live]

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