Toy: Join the Dots

Toy: Join the Dots
Title: Join the Dots
Label: Pias America

They're back! It's only a little bit more than a year since London's Toy graced is with their s/t record. Now they JOIN THE DOTS with eleven new tracks. Toy have quickly established a sound that is as modernistic as it is faithful to the spirit of psychedelia of decades past, marrying sophisticated chord progressions with a cornucopia of effects, enigmatic lyricism and driving Motorik rhythms.

1.1 Lover's Cave
1.2 Dancing Anymore
1.3 Lilith
1.4 Leave the Party
1.5 Cry
1.6 Sun Sun
1.7 Video
1.8 All Night
1.9 Toulouse
1.10 Yellow Teeth

Toy: Join the Dots

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