Tragedy Khadafi & Bp

Tragedy Khadafi & Bp: Immortal Titans

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Artist: Tragedy Khadafi & Bp
Title: Immortal Titans
Product Type: VINYL LP

Tragedy Khadafi can be viewed as the originator of the modern QB sound. His resume is cemented with legendary albums and features. Trag's teaching and guidance has helped QB stand atop the hip-hop landscape as one of the most dominant forces in hip-hop. BP has been crafting his sound and style for over 10 years. His ability to develop whole projects with a distinct sound, feel, and theme separate him from other beat makers and producers. Trag and BP have teamed up before on Black Market Militia's The Struggle, BP's remix for the HRSMN song "Historic", and on Nature's Give It To 'Em. The two of them have an undeniable chemistry and have joined forces to create a joint album: Tragedy Khadafi & Bp Immortal Titans. The album starts with a dark ominous energy and grows as Tragedy takes you through his various experiences and styles. From street bangers like "Immortal Titans", to non-stop lyrical content on "Upper Echelon", to concepts on the "Labels" inspired "Prime Time", and the true story behind Trag's role in the formation of the group Lords of the Underground. Features include fellow QB legend Nature on "F#*% How They Feel", Apathy on "Mastermind", The Winners (SmooVth, Rozewood, and Hus Kingpin) on "Renoir Repertoire", and Ali Vegas on "The World Is Mine". DJ Stitches (Class A Felony) created epic scratches throughout the record to give the album an indisputable hip-hop feel. Immortal Titans is the Tragedy & BP album that delivers on the promise of never having to hit skip. Sit back and take a journey with the Immortal Titans.

1.1 Earth Distributers
1.2 Immortal Titans
1.3 F#<% How They Feel Ft Nature
1.4 Upper Echelon
1.5 Prime Time
1.6 Mastermind Ft Apathy ; DJ Stitches
1.7 4 Her
1.8 Renoir Repertoire Ft Smoovth, Rozewood ; Hus Kingpin
1.9 Talk to 'Em
1.10 Story Never Told
1.11 The World Is Mine Ft Ali Vegas

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