Tre Lux

Tre Lux: A Strange Gathering

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tre Lux

Artist: Tre Lux
Title: A Strange Gathering

The return of Switchblade Symphony vocalist Tina Root with her new indie pop project, Tre Lux. Her newest album, a STRANGE GATHERING, features ambitious, electrifying cover versions of modern alternative classics including Depeche Mode's "Never Let Me Down," Coldplay's "Yellow," Radiohead's "Karma Police" and more.

1.1 Never Let Me Down Again
1.2 Come Away with Me
1.3 Wild Horses
1.4 Yellow
1.5 The Chauffeur
1.6 I Know There's Something Going on
1.7 What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy)
1.8 Black Hole Sun
1.9 Karma Police
1.10 Every Day Is Halloween
1.11 Run
1.12 Bad Trash

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