Trembling Blue Stars

Trembling Blue Stars: A Certain Evening Light

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Product Type: CD

Title: A Certain Evening Light
Label: Elefant Spain

1.1 The Rainbow
1.2 ABBA on the Jukebox
1.3 Slow Soft Sighs
1.4 While Your Heart Is Still Beating
1.5 Doo-Wop Music
1.6 Before We Know It
1.7 Though I Still Want to Fall Into Your Arms
1.8 As Long As She's Needed
1.9 She's Always There
1.10 A Slender Wrist
1.11 Home and Dry
1.12 Find Her Gone
1.13 Her World Beneath the Waves
1.14 It's Easier to Smile
1.15 Now That There's Nothing in the Way
1.16 Smoke and Steam
1.17 Half in Love with Leaving
1.18 Christmas ; Train-Trips ; Things

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