Trembling Blue Stars: The Last Holy Writer

Trembling Blue Stars: The Last Holy Writer
Title: The Last Holy Writer
Label: Elefant Spain

The last holy writer is the sixth album by Trembling Blue Stars the second one released worldwide through Elefant Records. This album is dark intimate melancholic & cloudy but every now & then there are rays of sunshine coming through the clouds riding sunny melodic breezes. SLOWDIVE & THE CURE are still good references for this music but they are too limited to describe the unique sound of Trembling Blue Stars a sound that's ready to mingle melodic sensitive pop with many electron.

1.1 By False Lights
1.2 Idyllwild
1.3 Sacred Music
1.4 This Once Was An Island
1.5 Coldest Sky
1.6 Schnee Gletscher Glas
1.7 November Starlings
1.8 Darker, Colder, Slower
1.9 From a Pale Blue Rosary
1.10 Say Goodbye to the Sea
1.11 Tenth of Always
1.12 Statue to Wilde

Trembling Blue Stars: The Last Holy Writer

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