Trentemoller: Trentemoller Chronicles

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Trentemoller

Artist: Trentemoller
Title: Trentemoller Chronicles

Trente Moller CHRONICLES is only a sorta best of. But the collection on Audiomatique, is primarily culled from previously issued comps, vinyl, and remixes. Our boy Trent tackles tracks from Robyn, the Knife, Moby, Rvyksopp, and more.

1.1 The Forest (Disc 01)
1.2 Klodsmajor
1.3 Klovn:McLaren (Trentemoller RMX)
1.4 Snowflake (Live Version)
1.5 Blood in the Streets
1.6 Moan (Trentemoller RMX)
1.7 Kink
1.8 Gush
1.9 Physical Fraction
1.10 Killer Kat
1.11 Rykketid
1.12 Always Something Better (Trentemoller RMX)
1.13 Moan (Trentemoller RMX Radio Edit
1.14 What Else Is There? (Trentemller Remix) (Disc 02)
1.15 Coincidance (Trentemller Remix)
1.16 Danger Global Warming (Trentemller Remix)
1.17 We Share Our Mothers' Health (Trentemller Remix)
1.18 You and I (Trentemller Remix)
1.19 Feeling Good (Trentemller Remix)
1.20 Konichiwa Bitches (Trentemller Remix)
1.21 Want 2 / Need 2 (Trentemller Remix)
1.22 Flamingo (Trentemller Remix)
1.23 Go (Trentemller Remix)
1.24 Les Dijinns (Trentemller Remix)

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