Edward Witsenburg

Edward Witsenburg: Tribute to Anne MacDearmid: Music for Harp Form

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Title: Tribute to Anne MacDearmid: Music for Harp Form
Label: Globe

1.1 An Droighnã©An Donn (Te Blackthorn Bush)
1.2 The Banks of the Suir
1.3 Mulhaire's / Molly Bawn / the Green Mountain - Edward Witsenburg
1.4 Ar Lan y MôR (At the Seashore)
1.5 Welsh Medley: Hela'r Ysgyfarnog (Hunting the Hare) / Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn (Watching the Wheat) / - Edward Witsenburg
1.6 Mnathan a Ghlinne Sã¨O (Women of the Glen)
1.7 Chuir Lad Mise Ann An Sã¨Omat Fuar (I Am in a Cold Cell)
1.8 Och Nan Och (Sad Am I)
1.9 Drunk at Night and Dry in the Morning
1.10 An Gille Ban (The Fairhaired Lad)
1.11 Cailin'n Fhuilt Ban (The Fairhaired Girl)
1.12 Tir-Nan-Og (The Land of the Ever Young)
1.13 Helen of Kirconnell
1.14 Three Scots Jigs: Mrs. John Clark's Delight / Lady Elizabeth Cole's Reel / Mrs. Roy of Nenthorn's F - Edward Witsenburg
1.15 Dream Angus
1.16 Red House
1.17 John McNeil
1.18 Spey in Spate
1.19 The Silver Moon My Mistress Is
1.20 The Athole Highlanders
1.21 Oran Nan Eilean (Music of the Islands)
1.22 Och Nan Och, Tha Mi Fo Mhulad (Och, I Am Sad)
1.23 Ceol Measgadh (Music Collection)

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