Trigger: The Time Of Miracles

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Trigger

Title: The Time Of Miracles
Label: Massacre

The symbolic artwork and lyrical concept of THE Trigger's album both portray society's fast decay and the weakness of human nature, sarcastically describing the age we are living in as "The Time Of Miracles". The relationship between the pleasures of the material world and spiritual needs of the human being is the main inspiration for the lyrics and music on the album. After a decade of albums made for their home market and recorded in their native language only, THE Trigger have spent three years of painstaking work in their own studio to present it's first English language album to an international audience in the best possible way. Their music combines heavy guitars with sophisticated vocal lines. The focus is on catchy riffs and memorable melodies, as in the four-minute-long modern heavy rock piece "What Have We Become", but at the same time THE Trigger often channel their love for prog rock, electronic sounds and down-tuned guitars, just as in the nine-minute-long grooving behemoth "Abyss". THE Trigger intertwines it's musical influences in a fabric of solid hard rock and metal, one foot in tradition, but at the same time experimenting by adding different genres into the mix. The centerpiece of this sound tapestry is Milena Brankovic - her unique vocals are what differentiates THE Trigger from a lot of bands who may carry the "female-fronted metal" label as well, and it is a perfect medium for the compositions crafted by guitarist Dušan Svilokos.

1.1 Pray
1.2 Don't Feed the Cannibals
1.3 Ashes and Bones
1.4 Kingdom Will Never Come
1.5 What Have We Become
1.6 Out of Clay
1.7 Boom
1.8 Used Up and Dead
1.9 Good Dog
1.10 Happy New Year
1.11 Reality
1.12 Abyss

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