Trinca De Ases

Trinca De Ases: Trinca De Ases

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Artist: Trinca De Ases

Artist: Trinca De Ases
Title: Trinca De Ases

"Trinca de Ases" is the new project of the 3 Brazilian superstars Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil and Nando Reis. They take the name of Gil's song "Trinca de Ases" that also gave name to the concert with which the trio debuted in São Paulo (August 4 and 5, 2017). "Three Musketeers, Three Accomplices, Three Singing Poets", as described in the lyrics of the song, to celebrate together their personal stories, how their paths crossed and what is blossoming from this encounter. The trio's first meeting took place in Brasilia last year during a tribute conceived by journalist Jorge Bastos Moreno in honor of the centennial of the birth of Ulises Guimarães, the Brazilian politician who fought against the military dictatorship. On that special night and with hardly any rehearsals, the magnitude of his association was forged: the guitars spoke, Gal's voice caressed Gil's songs and revealed unknown nuances of Nando's exquisite pop songs, never performed before. This powerful union is now presented improved and magnified in this double live album.

1.1 Trinca de Ases
1.2 Dupla de ÁS
1.3 Palco
1.4 Baby
1.5 All Star
1.6 Espatódea
1.7 O Seu Lado de CÁ
1.8 Esotérico
1.9 Cores Vivas
1.10 Água Viva
1.11 Retiros Espirituais
1.12 Copo Vazio
1.13 Meu Amigo, Meu Herói
1.14 Relicário
1.15 Pérola Negra
1.16 Refavela
1.17 Ela
1.18 Tocarte
1.19 Dois Rios
1.20 Nada Mais (Lately)
1.21 Por Onde Andei
1.22 Nos Barracos Da Cidade
1.23 O Segundo Sol
1.24 A Gente Precisa Ver O Luar
1.25 Barato Total

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