Joshua Trinidad

Joshua Trinidad: In November

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joshua Trinidad

Title: In November
Label: Rarenoise Records

Denver-based trumpeter-composer Joshua Trinidad makes a strikingly original statement on his RareNoise Records debut, In November. Recorded in Giske, Norway, this highly evocative trio outing features the adventurous Norwegian guitarist-composer and ECM recording artist Jacob Young and drummer Stale Liavik Solberg, a central figure on Oslo's improvising music scene. Brimming with deep and winding lyricism, Trinidad's elegiac seventh album as a leader is a compelling mix of bold long tones on trumpet, atmospheric guitaristry, fluid melodic invention and daring group improv, all delivered with rare authority by the three intrepid improvisers. From the minor key rubato opener "Beside" to the melancholy soundscape "Bell (Hymn)" to a darkly entrancing "The Attic" and the stirring title track, Trinidad and his empathetic crew of deep listeners show respect toward space and silence on these spellbinding noirish numbers.

1.1 Bedside
1.2 Bell (Hymn)
1.3 Bell (Lullaby)
1.4 Feathers
1.5 Giske
1.6 In November
1.7 Kin
1.8 Morning Flight
1.9 Poem
1.10 The Attic
1.11 Torreon

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