Trío Taicuba

Trío Taicuba: El Reloj: En Las Voces y Guitarras

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Artist: Trío Taicuba

Artist: Trío Taicuba
Title: El Reloj: En Las Voces y Guitarras

The relatively obscure Cuban group Trio Taicuba features incredible close harmony singing that has rarely been duplicated by trios since. With a sound reminiscent of the popular Trio Los Panchos, Trio Taicuba sound even more authentic and closer to the essence of the Cuban son style than many of their contemporaries. Recorded in Havana in 1959, this album remains one of the finest examples of Cuban roots music ever recorded. All selections newly remastered.

1.1 Noche Cubana
1.2 Mi Canto Es Asi
1.3 Amor en Cha Cha Cha
1.4 Mi Delirio
1.5 Cancion Tropical
1.6 Refugiate en Mi
1.7 Habana
1.8 Alma Llanera
1.9 Un Cuento
1.10 Reina de Mio Samba
1.11 El Reloj
1.12 Sabroson

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