Triosk: Headlight Serenade

Triosk: Headlight Serenade
Title: Headlight Serenade
Label: Leaf

" Long awaited album by Australian trio internationally recognized as one of today's few true jazz pioneers. As Triosk, Laurence Pike (drums), Adrian Klumpes (piano / keyboard) & Ben Waples (double / electric bass) have searched for something beyond the conventions of the jazz trio combining electronic elements soundscapes and manipulations of traditional jazz instrumentation. In the course of their two albums '1+3+1' and 'Moment Returns' and tours around Australia and Europe they have developed a large and loyal following of listeners who both do and don't consider themselves "jazz fans".

1.1 Visions IV
1.2 Lost Broadcast
1.3 Lost Reprice
1.4 Intensives Leben
1.5 Lazyboat
1.6 Not to Hurt You
1.7 Headlights
1.8 One, Twenty-Four
1.9 Vostok
1.10 Moment Returns
1.11 Fear Survivor

Triosk: Headlight Serenade

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