Triple Crush

Triple Crush: Groove / Let's Dance

$12.88 $14.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Triple Crush

Title: Groove / Let's Dance
Label: Essential Media Mod

A highly collectible 12" single from Survivor Records in 1986, Triple Crush's "The Groove" B&W "Let's Dance" produced by Brian Lassiter and Triple Crush, is an early slice of hip-hop mixed with old school rap. Group members include Juan Jefferson (Beat Creator Bam-Bam); Kevin Williams (Mr. Misty); Lamont Williams (M.C. Style); Kelvin Spotts (DJ Kev). DJ Kev's name was dropped off of this release but all scratches are by him. In fact he's referenced in the last verse of "Let's Dance", along with the producer "Busy" Brian Lassiter. Featured here are the original vocal versions and dub versions. All selections newly re-mastered.

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