Trojan Records Presents: Boss Reggae 40 Reggae / V

Trojan Records Presents: Boss Reggae 40 Reggae / V: Trojan Records Presents: Boss Reggae - 40 Reggae Scorchers

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Trojan Records Presents: Boss Reggae 40 Reggae / V
Title: Trojan Records Presents: Boss Reggae - 40 Reggae Scorchers

"Boss Reggae" appears to be a term used by collectors to describe a particular style of upfront late sixties early seventies reggae understood by mutual agreement when the style is evoked by aficianados in discussion or demanded by them from revive selectors, much in the same manner that adherents to the particular style of roots reggae known as "Shaka style" know what they mean when they say it. Though the difference between "Boss Reggae" and what used to be called "Skinhead Reggae" appears be unclear to non-aficianados, we'll overlook this and point out that it's another barrage of vintage reggae across two CD's for well under a tenner! Hopefully, Record Collector's venerable Ian McCann can shed light on all this in his illuminating sleeve-notes... BOSS!

1.1 Reggae Hit the Town - the Ethiopians
1.2 A Live Injection - the Upsetters
1.3 John Jones - Rudy Mills
1.4 River to the Bank - Derrick Morgan
1.5 Drink Milk - Justin Hinds ; the Dominoes
1.6 Rhythm Hips - Roland Russell
1.7 Sufferer - the Kingstonians
1.8 Reggae in the Wind (Blowin' in the Wind) - Lester Sterling
1.9 Strange - Dobby Dobson
1.10 Throw Me Corn - Winston Shand/The Sheiks
1.11 How Long Will It Take - Pat Kelly
1.12 Worries (A Yard) - Versatiles
1.13 Rich in Love - Glen Adams
1.14 On Broadway - Slim Smith
1.15 Love Was All I Had - Phyllis Dillon
1.16 Hang 'Em High - Richard Ace
1.17 Loving Reggae - the Maytones
1.18 Come Into My Parlour - the Bleechers
1.19 Walking Proud - Martin Riley
1.20 Liquidator - Tommy McCook and the Supersonics
2.1 Moon Hop - Derrick Morgan
2.2 Red Red Wine - Tony Tribe
2.3 Moon Walk (Twistin' the Night Away) - Nyah Shuffle/Sprong
2.4 Reggae in Your Jeggae - Dandy
2.5 Music Box - Big L
2.6 (Too) Experienced - Owen Gray
2.7 Black Panther - Sir Collins ; the Black Diamonds
2.8 Jungle Fever - George Lee
2.9 Rocco - the Rudies
2.10 My Love and I - Millie
2.11 Dog Your Woman - Peggy ; the Cimarons
2.12 Ghost Rider - the Music Doctors
2.13 Pack of Cards - Nat Cole
2.14 Revenge of Eastwood - the Prophets
2.15 Lead Them - Desmond Riley
2.16 Memory of Don Drummond - Don Drummond
2.17 No More Heartaches - the Coloured Raisins
2.18 Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - Gene Rondo
2.19 Queen of the World - Claudette
2.20 Leave Pum Pum - Pama Dice

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