Tullycraft: City of Subarus

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tullycraft

Artist: Tullycraft
Title: City of Subarus

Tullycraft's happy-go-lucky ringleader Sean Tollefson & long time pals Jeff & Gary are joined by Chris of INCREDIBLE FORCE OF JUNIOR & Jen of RIZZO. The five make it all sound so easy innocent & carefree but Tullycraft is the musical equivalent of an Archie comic written by Jad Fair as one music reviewer put it. It's perfect bubblegum pop as simple & as raw as it should be with enough smarts & vim to bring Seattle out of the woods. In fact Tullycraft are on top of the indie-pop wo.

1.1 8 Great Ways
1.2 Belinda
1.3 Ticket Tonight
1.4 Crush This Town
1.5 Godspeed
1.6 Miss Douglas County
1.7 Actives ; Pledges
1.8 The Lives of Cleopatra
1.9 Bee Sting Stings
1.10 Vacation in Christine, ND

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