Turn Me on Dead Man

Turn Me on Dead Man: Heavymetal Mothership

$21.30 $25.98

Artist: Turn Me on Dead Man
Title: Heavymetal Mothership
Product Type: VINYL LP

LP version. Heavymetal Mothership is the fifth release by the San Franciscan heavy-delic space rock behemoth known as Turn Me on Dead Man. Secrets of sound, hidden bases on the moon, trans-humanism... it's all in here. Apocalypse rock for the end of the world, or soundtrack for a mothership invasion... you decide. Heavymetal Mothership is at once incredibly heavy and totally far out psych. Evil harmonies for fans of Smashing Pumpkins, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Monster Magnet.

1.1 Vimana
1.2 Asteroid 9
1.3 Mind of Oz
1.4 Maharishi
1.5 Master Planet/Mother Star/Secret Moon
1.6 Cosmo Nymph
1.7 Monolith 1971
1.8 White Slave Black Master
1.9 Diamond Endless
1.10 Hologram Universe
1.11 Forest Damask
1.12 Room 237
1.13 Floating in Zen

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