Two Two

Two Two: Bikini Atoll

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Two Two

Artist: Two Two
Title: Bikini Atoll

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the British band's extremely rare album which was only briefly issued in Germany. This release features the entire original album plus all the non-LP single tracks and one previously unissued recording. Chiswick.

1.1 Kwagayo
1.2 Emily ; Lisa
1.3 Li-Lo
1.4 Alone Tonight
1.5 Insufficient Data
1.6 Swim the Indian Ocean
1.7 Just We Three
1.8 Pijin Billy
1.9 Kay Leave Me Alone
1.10 Food for the Belly
1.11 Pizza!
1.12 King Solomon's Mines
1.13 Ngini Namna Hii (Xdonga)
1.14 Lunch in the Atmosphere
1.15 Africa (Living in the Headline)
1.16 Ivory
1.17 Meanwhile

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