Ullmann Basement Research

Ullmann Basement Research: Hat & Shoes

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Product Type: CD

Title: Hat & Shoes
Label: Between the Lines

Gebhard Ullmann celebrates twenty years of his band Basement Research with a strikingnew CD. Featuring the renowned multi-instrumentalist as well as trombonist Steve Swell,saxophonist Julian Argüelles, bassist Pascal Niggenkemper, and drummer Gerald Cleaver,the band's seventh CD showcases improvisers at the top of their game, with Ullmann's rich,dynamic compositions.

1.1 Trinidad Walk
1.2 Wo Bitte Geht's Hier Zu Den Hackeschen Höfen
1.3 Flutist with Hat and Shoe
1.4 Don't Touch My Music
1.5 Five
1.6 Blue Trees and Related Objects
1.7 Gulf of Berlin

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