Ultimate Spinach

Ultimate Spinach: Ultimate Spinach

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Artist: Ultimate Spinach
Title: Ultimate Spinach
Product Type: VINYL LP

The prototype of the Bosstown Sound! Considered among the all-time classic psychedelic recordings, this 68 self titled debut is unearthed in it's unfathomably rare mono form! - The unique blend of psych, jazz, rock, Gregorian vocals and Baroque instrumentation sets Ultimate Spinach apart from anything released at the time. It includes the now famous - (Ballad of the) Hip Death Goddess, an 8:12 classic featuring the eerie, haunting vocals of Barbara Hudson, an oft covered staple of the genre.

1.1 Ego Trip 3:13
1.2 Sacrifice of the Moon 3:45
1.3 Plastic Raincoats/Hung Up Minds 2:56
1.4 (Ballad of) the Hip Death Goddess 8:14
1.5 Your Head Is Reeling 3:36
1.6 Dove in Hawk's Clothing 3:54
1.7 Baroque #1 4:48
1.8 Funny Freak Parade 2:35
1.9 Pamela 3:08

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