Ultramarine: Companion

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Artist: Ultramarine

Artist: Ultramarine
Title: Companion

In 1991 electronic duo Ultramarine recorded their landmark album Every Man & Woman is a Star which was re-released by LTM/Darla to widespread acclaim in 2002. Companion collects together the various remixes released on the US & UK versions of the 1992 ep Nightfall in Sweetleaf together with a host of other alternative versions & previously unheard tracks from the same sessions. The star remixers include Spooky Sweet Exorcist (Richard H Kirk) Coco Steel & Lovebomb & Ultramarin.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Weird Gear (Us Remix)
1.3 Lights in My Brain (Spooky Remix)
1.4 Geezer (Sweet Exorcist Remix)
1.5 The Downer
1.6 Panther (Coco Steel ; Lovebomb Remix)
1.7 Outro
1.8 My First Canoe Trip
1.9 Early Discovery
1.10 Saratoga
1.11 Stella Connects (Edit)
1.12 Lovelife #1
1.13 Nova Scotia
1.14 Old Geezer Dub
1.15 Pansy (Live at Glastonbury)

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