Uncle Monk

Uncle Monk: Uncle Monk

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Artist: Uncle Monk

Artist: Uncle Monk
Title: Uncle Monk

This is the debut album by Uncle Monk, the new bluegrass duo featuring Tommy Ramone and Claudia Tienan. Uncle Monk's music is rooted in old-time and bluegrass influences. To this mix they have added unique musical textures to create a sound with a new sensibility. Tommy Ramone formed the rock group Ramones in 1973 and participated in the birth of New Wave, Punk Rock, and Alternative music. Claudia Tienan, originally from Minneapolis, was a member of the Simplistics.

1.1 Round the Bend
1.2 Emotional Needs
1.3 Happy Tune
1.4 Home Sweet Reality
1.5 Mean to Me
1.6 Airday
1.7 Need a Life
1.8 Heaven
1.9 Name of the Game
1.10 Mr. Endicott
1.11 Urban Renewal
1.12 Walking Bandit
1.13 Bright Fluorescent
1.14 Wishing at the Moon

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