Under the Carpet

Under the Carpet: Under the Carpet

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Under the Carpet
Title: Under the Carpet

1.1 A New Hope for Medical Treatment
1.2 There's No Picture of the Band
1.3 Weird Sounds from the Kitchen
1.4 Water People
1.5 Motherboard
1.6 Procedures Concerning the Foreigners
1.7 Bourgeois Corporation
1.8 There's No One in the Accounting Dept
1.9 Sizes Performance and Capacity
1.10 Twinkle Twinkle (Part 1)
1.11 Twinkle Twinkle (Part 2)
1.12 You're Invited But Your Friend Isn't
1.13 Get Me a Pack
1.14 How Much Can You Fit on a Floppy
1.15 Footnote in Your History (Part 1)
1.16 Footnote in Your History (Part 2)
1.17 Footnote in Your History (Part 3)
1.18 Radio Kongo
1.19 Late Night Tales
1.20 Rock Bottom
1.21 The Days of the Minitel Are Over

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