Unhappy Fly: Unhappy Fly

Unhappy Fly: Unhappy Fly
Title: Unhappy Fly
Label: Emotional Response
Product Type: VINYL LP

DIY Post-Punk Pioneers Richard Dudanski (Public Image Limited, Raincoats, 101ers etc), and Xentos, (aka Amos / Jim Whelton, Homosexuals / Amon And Sara etc), having been musical cohorts since 1979, have joined with vocalist/radio artist Sarah Washington and sax blower John Glyn for their latest project. Four years of recording in and around Granada and UK using locations ranging from abandoned soft drinks factories to gin-slugging auntie's living rooms have resulted in this Unhappy Fly collection: a syncopated soundscape of para-reductive pop based on Xentos' valorised rococo productions allied with Dudanski's daedalian drums. Featuring a sizeable crew of musical collaborators, and drawing on Washington's curlicued harmonies and John Glyn's multiple saxes, it is a music that invites slippery categorisation. Unhappy Fly's deracinated tune-smithing to creates a music that scoops up the noisy dogmas of the past and relocates them to the far side of the 5th dimension. For live outings they are joined by Owen Ross on guitar and Jerry Schmidt Jr on electric bass.

1.1 Alisdair Owns Me
1.2 Boneyard
1.3 Superficial
1.4 Holoscene
1.5 Feet of Clay
1.6 Electric Light
1.7 Angry in the Head
1.8 Singing Flame
1.9 Hit N Miss
1.10 Big Picture
1.11 Golden

Unhappy Fly: Unhappy Fly

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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