Uniform: 33 Revolutions

Uniform: 33 Revolutions
Title: 33 Revolutions
Label: MVD (Generic)

After astounding reviewers and show-goers alike for 3 years as the bassist/singer frontman of ROADS TO SPACE TRAVEL (DeSoto, Amish), Roman Kuebler moved on, chanting his mantra "Music Is Mobility." Nearly two years ago, this was the critically acclaimed debut e.p. from the hardest working man in indie rock! And obviously it paid off, since after releasing just one more Morphius EP, Roman's road-honed band was signed to Lookout! Records. Imagine a sound like the intersection of XTC with THE CARS, PERE UBU, and GUIDED BY VOICES, and you have THE ORANGES BAND. The music is smart, catchy, and new wave, but still quite palatable to diehard fans of '77-'79 punk. With Lookout!'s upcoming release of THE ORANGES BAND's "On TV" CD next month (October 22nd), this original edition of THE FIVE DOLLARS EP will quickly become a highly collectible item. ORANGES BAND is opening for SPOON on their upcoming U.S. tour next month (Roman is SPOON's sometimesbassist), & they come home in November to record a full length album (which will be their 2nd Lookout! Release.

1.1 Needless to Say, I Pleasured Them All
1.2 Heard That Same Crap from Patty Hearst
1.3 This Is Not a Felony
1.4 Favorite Lucky Car Crash
1.5 Women in Prison
1.6 Reflexive Trapping Derivative
1.7 Not Gonna Drink Your Cyanide, Brother
1.8 On Bending Made Easy
1.9 Western Movie
1.10 When Monkees Attack!
1.11 Thirty Three Revolutions
1.12 Midget Colony
1.13 My Thoughtful Response to Human Behavior
1.14 Calling Shit Shit, When It Is
1.15 He Is in the Chinese Mafia
1.16 Can't Take the Hill Without the Army
1.17 Eagles and Anchors
1.18 Rowhouses of the Holy
1.19 Columbian Necktie
1.20 Abbreviate Your Love
1.21 10 Second History of God, Vol. 3 (Live)

Uniform: 33 Revolutions

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