U.S. Coast Guard Band

U.S. Coast Guard Band: Gardens of Stone

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Title: Gardens of Stone
Label: Altissimo Records

1.1 I. Immigration and Building
1.2 II. Civil Rights and the Women's Movement
1.3 III. Popular Entertainment
1.4 IV. Flight and Technology
1.5 The White Cliffs of Dover - I'll Never Smile Again - I'll Be Seeing You (Arr. I. Frenkel)
1.6 Battle Hymn of the Republic (Arr. I. Frenkel)
1.7 American Anthem (Arr. I. Frenkel)
1.8 Gardens of Stone (Version for Wind Ensemble)
1.9 New York Light Guard Quick Step
1.10 New York Light Guard Quick Step (Arr. R. Smith)
1.11 The Invincible Eagle
1.12 A Hymn for the Lost and the Living
1.13 Semper Paratus (Arr. H.O. Jenks)
1.14 Semper Paratus (Arr. M. Lake)
1.15 Semper Paratus (Arr. W.C. Schoenfeld)

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