Universo: Underworld

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Universo

Artist: Universo
Title: Underworld
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Polish producer Universo's Underworld EP is a package of softly glowing lo-fi that fans of Baltra's Sophia EP (STEP 011EP, 2016) will relish. "Underworld" unfolds at a steady, hypnotic pace as moody, interlocking chords are paired with a gentle spoken vocal, working together create a poignant, eyes-down mood. Icy strings and a trippy spoken are introduced before "Kora Buta" follows with warm, swooning sample work. The distant, meandering thumb pianos and rainy textures of "Sleeper" color the track's fuzzy drums while a Legowelt-esque pad glides overhead. "Frequenza" starts with a soft, sizzling pad sent ducking under a rock-hard kick drum.

1.1 Underworld
1.2 Kora Buta
2.1 Sleeper
2.2 Frequenza

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