Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Multi-Love

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Title: Multi-Love
Product Type: VINYL LP

The threads of our past never unravel, they hover like invisible webs, occasionally glistening due to a sly angle of the sun. On Multi-Love, Unknown Mortal Orchestra frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ruban Nielson reflects on relationships: airy, humid longing, loss, the geometry of desire that occurs when three people align. Where Nielson addressed the pain of being alone on II, Multi-Love takes on the complications of being together. Multi-Love adds dimensions to the band's already kaleidoscopic approach, with Nielson exploring a newfound appreciation for synthesizers. The new songs channel the spirit of psych innovators without ignoring the last 40 years of music, forming a flowing, cohesive whole that reflects restless creativity.

1.1 Multi-Love
1.2 Like Acid Rain
1.3 Ur Life One Night
1.4 Can't Keep Checking My Phone
1.5 Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty
1.6 The World Is Crowded
2.1 Stage or Screen
2.2 Necessary Evil
2.3 Puzzles
3.1 SB01
4.1 SB02

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